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Hello and thanks for visiting the GospelMailers website.

We are undergoing extreme changes in our ministry and are excited about the opportunities the Lord is bringing our way.

First off you’ll notice that you may no longer purchase Mailers from us. We have made the decision to stop using doctrinally incorrect tracts from other ministries that can easily lead sinners into a works religion by telling them to repent of their sins to be saved. Click on the link called Repent of your sins??? for detailed information. We are currently searching for a tract designer that is interested in partnering with us to produce high quality, attractive, fun and Biblically correct Gospel tracts. This is a great chance to use your talents for the Lord in a field that is white unto the harvest.

If you or someone you know is interested in working with GospelMailers.com on such a project pleae contact Ken (ken@gospelmailers.com)

For a PDF Version of the Repent of your sins study click here: Repent of your sins to be saved 

If you have never been born again please visit the following site:




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Who do you know that isn’t saved?

Where will they go when they die?

Are you willing to let this happen?


Who do you want to reach with the Gospel, a friend, a co-worker, a brother or sister? What about your parents? Are they saved? Do you know for sure where they would go if they were to die today? Are you willing to let a loved one die without sharing the Gospel with them?

How about your elected officials, or appointed community leaders? What about your neighbors? Is everyone on your street saved? Have you reached out to them yet? Why not?

We understand that life is overly busy, and that most folks just don’t reach out to the lost people in their community. In fact Bill Bright of Campus Crusade for Christ said that only 2% of confessing Christians share their faith. Some people “don’t know how”, some are just “too busy”, and unfortunately some just don’t really care. I hope you don’t fall into any of these categories.

However, this is why GospelMailers.com exists.

Gospelmailers.com is a ministry of the Body of Christ to reach a lost and dying world. Our mission is to reach lost friends, neighbors, and loved ones with the Gospel of Jesus Christ before it is everlasting too late. By using our service you will be able to open doors that were never open to you before.

Gospelmailers.com sends out anonymous letters with tracts to your loved ones. These letters come in envelopes that are handwritten for that special personal touch, and are specially designed to get them thinking about eternal issues. Imagine being able to reach the following people with the Gospel:

  • Your know-it-all Uncle
  • Your brother that rejects spiritual things
  • Your Grandma that grew up in a Catholic church
  • Your co-worker that wants to know more
  • Your mean old boss that values money over people
  • The local man running for public office
  • Anyone that you know isn’t saved

When you check out our Mailers page you will see the mailers we send and the order in which they are sent. There you can read the tracts and also the letters that get sent with them.

Consider this, you are a lost person, you see all the major events happening in our world, and you are wondering what it all means. So you go to your mailbox and find a personalized handwritten envelope that is personally addressed to you. You open it and find mailer number 1, a million dollar bill. You think; how cool so you read the letter that came with it, then the gospel on the back of the tract.

About a week later you get another personalized handwritten envelope with mailer number 2 , the What If? Card. You read the letter and the card, and start to give consideration to the message it has for you. You are also thinking, “hey, someone must really care about me to do this twice”

Another week or so later, you get a third personalized handwritten envelope with mailer number 3. You eagerly open it and check out the letter. This time the letter has a tract in it that has an offer for a free book. You think, “aha! this is the catch”, they want me to buy a book. Then you notice, there is no cost for the book, and noone is trying to get you to join their church, it is indeed an offer for a free book. And a very interesting one at that, not just another boring religious book. You decide to get the book, and are now open to spiritual things, indeed you are trying to find people to teach you more!

When you support Gospelmailers.com you are supporting a ministry who’s first and foremost goal is to reach unsaved folks with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Secondarily, we use our ministry to help homeschooling and other stay home Moms and Dads to earn a little extra income to help make ends meet. Thirdly, we give 10% of all income back to ministries that we feel help to meet the needs of our modern world, by either, seeking and saving the lost, or by edifying the church.

If you are a member of one of the following groups, consider partnering with us to reach the lost:

  • Busy Professional’s – You want to reach your coworkers, but you know that you need to use discretion because of company policies. You can use our service to open doors of personal conversation.
  • Small business owners – Our service is perfect for you, because you already have your list of customers and just need a way to discreetly share the Gospel with them.
  • School Teachers – We all know about the issues with the Bible and religious talk in public places, here is a way to reach those students while there is still time, and thus maintain your anonymity at the same time.
  • Stay home Mom’s – You want to teach your children to have a burden for lost souls and to pray. Here is your opportunity, have mailers sent out, then pray for them in a special time with your child
  • Retiree’s – You’ve always wondered how to reach your children or golfing buddies with the Gospel. Now you have a way.
  • Pastor’s – You’ve tried everything to get your flock motivated to evangelism, now you can show them how personal it is. Have them send mailers to their loved ones, then set aside a special time to pray specifically for those that receive them.

The need for reaching the lost is very real. Where do these people go when they die, if they do not trust Christ as their Savior? They need to hear the Good News, and they need to hear it from you. My question for you is; what are you going to do about it?

Also, don’t forget that we at GospelMailers.com offer a full 100% God-Given Guarantee. Our service works, and we have God’s Word to back us up on that!


Isaiah 55:11  So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it. 


Until all hear,

Ken Loughry


PS. Be on the look out for new mailer designs coming in the very near future. And feel free to send us your ideas on new designs.