How it Works

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How it works.


The mission at is simple and straight forward. We mail out anonymous tracts and letters to the people you request. Just simply send us the name and address of the person who you want to reach with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The first step is to pray about who you can reach with the Gospel. Keep in mind that the messages will come to them anonymously and in handwritten envelopes with letters so that it appears to be from a neighbor.

After you have an idea of who you want to reach, write down their names and addresses and fill out the order form. When we receive your order we will fill out a hand written envelope with their name and address on it and fill it with Mailer number 1. This is the Million Dollar Bill tract, and the corresponding letter. A week later we will hand address another envelope and fill it with Mailer number 2. This is the What If? Card, and the corresponding letter for that mailer. On the third week we will hand address another envelope and fill it with mailer number 3. This is the “One Heartbeat Away” tract and refers the recipient to Mark Cahill’s excellent book.

As you can see, you will be reaching your prospect with the gospel three times over the next three weeks. Each mailer has a phone number for them to call with questions, and a website to check out with the Gospel message on it, along with some links that would be helpful to someone searching for truth.

The next step is up to you. Be ready to share your faith and answer questions from this person. Look for any opportunity you have to get them to open up about their spiritual search, and share Jesus any chance you can.

These GospelMailers, are an excellent way to open spiritual doors that were previously closed. They are designed to get people thinking about eternity and help them to open up to the people that so desperately want to help them on their journey. The person who received the mailer has gotten hand addressed, personalized letters, and now knows that someone is concerned about there eternal welfare. This leads them to be more open to things as well.

This is your chance to join up with us to reach those loved ones that you know aren’t saved. Contact us to send them these mailers, then you will have an open door to talk to them about Christian things.


Every second, two people die. Have they heard the Good News? Are you willing to let them go without telling them?


Reach out to the lost, there is only a certain amount of time left!