GospelMailers Update!

January 16th, 2012 | Posted by under Welcome

Hello and thanks for visiting the GospelMailers website.

We are undergoing extreme changes in our ministry and are excited about the opportunities the Lord is bringing our way.

First off you’ll notice that you may no longer purchase Mailers from us. We have made the decision to stop using doctrinally incorrect tracts from other ministries that can easily lead sinners into a works religion by telling them to repent of their sins to be saved. Click on the link called Repent of your sins??? for detailed information. We are currently searching for a tract designer that is interested in partnering with us to produce high quality, attractive, fun and Biblically correct Gospel tracts. This is a great chance to use your talents for the Lord in a field that is white unto the harvest.

If you or someone you know is interested in working with GospelMailers.com on such a project pleae contact Ken (ken@gospelmailers.com)

For a PDF Version of the Repent of your sins study click here: Repent of your sins to be saved 

If you have never been born again please visit the following site:



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